A natural disaster in Greece

On September 7th 1999, at 14.57, there was a big earthquake in Athens, Greece. The earthquake killed 143 people and left 700 people homeless.

topic_earthquake A thirteen-year-old girl, Heleni Dinou, who lives in Nea Smyrni, was in her house when the earthquake hit. She and her sister were setting the table. Her mother was serving lunch and her father was talking on the phone. Then the house started shaking. Plates and books fell off and the telephone went dead. Heleni and her family went under the kitchen table. Heleni was terrified and her sister was crying. After the earthquake they went downstairs and saw lots of people in shock.

The next day as they were watching the news they saw the victims cry and the roads and the blocks of flats which were destroyed.

Chrisanthi Bakali, A3


earthquakesOn 7/9/1999 at 14.57 a huge earthquake hit Athens. The earthquake’s magnitude was 5.9. 143 people were killed and 700 people were injured.

Helen Dinou, a 13 year old girl was at her home in Nea Smyrni when the earthquake started. Let’s see the earthquake through her eyes:

I was at home. Me and my brothers were setting the table and my mum was serving lunch. My dad was talking on the phone while the house started shaking. Books were falling off the bookcase. I was terrified and my sister was crying. All the telephones were dead. After the earthquake, we went downstairs and we saw lots of people in shock. The next day we watched the news. When we saw the victims my dad started crying because one of his best friends was killed. That was the worst experience of my life.